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General terms and conditions are understood by:

​Agreement: the assignment agreement between photographer and client (the customer)
Assignment: the service or product provided by the photographer
Photographer: Romy Rijkenberg Photography , ​KVK 76928713​.
Customer: the (legal) person or persons with whom the photographer has concluded the agreement and who also accepts these general terms and conditions.
Cancellation: termination or dissolution of the agreement.
Written: electronic communication such as e-mail, whatsapp, etc. provided that the identity of the sender and the authenticity of the communication are sufficiently established. The burden of proof regarding receipt of electronic communication lies at all times with the customer.
Use: reproduce and/or publish within the meaning of the Copyright Act 1912.



All quotations, quotations and offers from the photographer (in whatever form) are without obligation, unless the contrary expressly follows from this.


Selection & Photography style

The image selection of the wedding report is done by Romy Rijkenberg Photography, there is no access to the files and the post-processing is determined by Romy Rijkenberg. The bridal couple has no say in this. The photos that the customer receives are in the style of Romy Rijkenberg Photography and are edited according to the photographer's insight and taste. Editing means global image optimization of light, contrast, color and crop. Post-processing by the customer is punishable under the Copyright Act 1912. By agreeing to these general terms and conditions, the customer declares to have taken note of them.

Romy Rijkenberg Photography never delivers raw (RAW) files.



 The edited photos are delivered digitally in jpg within 6 weeks after the wedding date. Photos and previews will not be delivered until full payment has been made. How many photos are supplied depends on how long Romy Rijkenberg Photography is present at the wedding, the number of guests and the moments that occur. More happens at one wedding than at another and that affects the number of photos. With 6 hours of photography Romy Rijkenberg delivers about 100 -200 photos. for a full day (10 hours) 200-400.



After the customer has received the (digital) post-processed photos, there is an option to choose to deliver a photo album (print). Romy Rijkenberg Photography will make a quotation and share a preview of the layout of the album. The customer may make minor changes in this. When both parties agree, the album is definitively ordered. Once the order has been placed, no changes can be made.


No cash back

Romy Rijkenberg Photography does not give money back if a photo shoot does not go well. The customer knows this and is aware of it. If after the photo shoot or during the photo shoot does not go as expected or desired, the photographer decides whether to continue. Payment must be made at all times. Force majeure can of course happen because the customer or family is ill or there is an emergency, so that the photo shoot cannot take place. The photographer thinks along with you in these situations and looks at the new possibilities. In case of bad weather, the photo shoot will be rescheduled in consultation with the customer.

Use of the photos - Copyright

The copyright and ownership of the photos remains with Romy Rijkenberg Photography and is not transferred. This means that Romy Rijkenberg Photography may and can use photos from the photo shoot at all times for: website, promotions, advertisements and on social media. If the customer does not want this, this must be stated in the contactprior to be made known to the photo shoot. If the customer has not made this known in advance and objects after the photos have been published, Romy Rijkenberg Photography does not have to take them offline (remove them).

Mention photographer

The photos may be used by the customer on social media when Romy Rijkenberg Photography is appointed in accordance with Article 25 of the copyright. The photos received may NOT be edited by the customer under any circumstances (this includes not adding color filters, cropping photos, etc.). This is an offense under copyright law. Editing of the photos remains with the photographer at all times.

Saving Files

The customer is at all times responsible for storing and storing the photo shoot in multiple storage locations. Romy Rijkenberg Photography is in no way liable for the loss of customer photos. When viewing these terms and conditions, you are aware of this and you bear this responsibility yourself. Photos will therefore not be delivered again.

This also applies to photo shoots delivered via USB stick/hard disk. In the event of a defective USB stick/hard disk, the photographer is also not responsible for the loss of photos. The customer is aware of this and knows that he/she must always store the photos elsewhere.


Upon approval and final assignment from the customer - Romy Rijkenberg Photography expects a down payment of 20%. Once this deposit has been received, the booking will become final. The other 80% serves for the delivery of the photo report. If upgrades such as an album are chosen or unexpected extra hours of photography, these must also be transferred before the photo report is delivered. If the assignment is changed or canceled after confirmation (for example in the event of illness or, for example, a death within the family of the bridal couple), another date will be considered first. If rescheduling is not desired or not possible, the 20% deposit will be charged to compensate for the day kept free.

Cancellation by photographer

In the event of cancellation or force majeure (e.g. illness) of the photographer, the customer will be informed as soon as possible and the customer will have the following choices:
1. Romy Rijkenberg Photography proposes another photographer if possible. Whenever desirable and possible, Romy Rijkenberg Photography edits the photos.
2. Customer has the right to dissolve the contract, any payment will be refunded.


Force majeure/force majeure

In the event of force majeure, for example, but not limited to, external causes such as fire, natural disasters, epidemic, pandemic, war situations, and other unpredictable external factors, theft at the location of the assignment or a defective memory card, any liability of the Photographer is excluded.

If the client deems it necessary for 1 of the aforementioned reasons CQ. circumstances to (partially) cancel the assignment, the 20% down payment will be settled as compensation.



 The photographer is not liable for any damage caused to the client, unless there is intent or gross negligence on the part of the photographer or his representatives;

Photographer is not liable for damage and/or stains in/on clothing.

 While using smoke bombs and/or sparklers and/or blowing bubbles or other artificial external effects during the shoot; 

Photographer is not liable for color deviations on non-calibrated screens or prints not supplied by photographer;

 Photographer is not liable for damage following given instructions;

  Photographer is not liable for tick bites or other living aspects.

Additional information

Travel costs are not included. There is a charge of 0.35 cents per kilometer driven. Calculation is made from zip code 1132 there and back. 

For reports longer than 4 hours, the photographer will be provided with something to eat and drink. If the photographer is also present in the evening, a nutritious meal will be provided for the photographer. That may be the same meal as the day guests. 

All details such as addresses, where to start photography, etc., will be discussed again with the photographer no later than two weeks before the wedding, to pass on any changes.

Romy Rijkenberg Photography is not liable for the fact that not everyone is in the photo. The customer or the master of ceremonies must ensure that the guests who really need to be photographed are presented to the photographer.


Privacy & Personal data

Romy Rijkenberg Photography never discloses personal data (such as address, telephone number, e-mail, etc.) or passes it on to third parties, unless agreed otherwise.



Complaints about the implementation of the agreement and/or objections to an invoice must be submitted to the photographer in writing within 7 days of receipt of the photo files. Photographer never gives money back. We always look for a suitable solution together. Complaints after the term referred to in paragraph 1 will no longer be processed. Submitted complaints or objections do not suspend the payment obligation.

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